Data Enrichment is new feature made by Orca team to help you get more info on the leads you are reaching out to. This feature will get you informations like work and personal email, company data (like size, company webpage, role in the company) and social profiles of leads you are interacting with on the LinkedIn. 

To activate this feature, you need to click on Add-ons and then enable it by clicking Enable button.

We are charging this feature separately. For every 50$ you pay you get 100 credits. Every credit can be use to get complete info on one lead you chose. That being said cost for all of this info would be 0,5$ per lead.
Once you are out of credits it will be automatically recharged again for 100 credits. If you dont want to be charged again, make sure you turn it off before spending all of your credits. 

For detailed demo on this feature you can check this video:

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