Setting up your Salesforce to send leads to Orca

I will assume you already have a Salesforce account. And In order to make Orca run sequence on your leads, you will need to have their LinkedIn profiles URLs in the Salesforce. 

LinkedIn profile field in the Lead category is not pre-made, so you will need to make one. 

In this article I will take you through the process of setting up a new field in Salesforce and making sure you have LinkedIn profile URLs so you can start your campaign right after setting this up. 

You do this by choosing Leads in your Object manager category. Then click Fields & Relationship.

Click New and create Field with this info:

Field type: URL
Filed label and name: LinkedIn profile

Those two files are the only one you need to adjust, for rest of the options, you can just go ahead and click Next to continue with already set details. 

When you click Save you will be done. You just created a new field in your Salesforce. 

Next step is adding leads to your Salesforce. Make sure all of your leads have LinkedIn URL so you can send them to Orca. 

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