We get asked this question all the time. Teams are concerned about connecting and messaging the same leads.

This is an example of applying email prospecting thinking to the social selling channels.

Social selling on Linkedin is different than email prospecting. With cold emails, you definitely do not want to have your team of sales rep emailing the same lead. That'll would be incredibly disruptive for the lead and damaging to your sales rep's personal brand that in turn reflects poorly on the company.

When it comes to social selling on Linkedin, it's perfectly okay and actually highly recommended for your team to connect with the same leads. In fact, it's a super effective tactic. 

This tactic works as long as you aren't pitching your services or products in your messages. Unlike cold email tactics, social selling tactics is not about pitching your product our service, it's about relationship building.

I have a blog article on what you should and shouldn't be doing when running social selling campaigns on Linkedin. Check it out here.

Bottomline: It's perfectly okay for your team to connect and message the same leads. Just don't spam them with cold sales pitches. 

Actually, on that note, never cold pitch a prospect. That's ass-backwards sales tactics (excuse my French).

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