Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, etc. are all built with the same design philosophy in mind. They're designed to hook you, bring you back into the platform, and maximize the the time you spend on the platform.

This is achieved through notifications you receive either via your mobile phone, email, or in-app.

If you want to get deeper on this subject, check out the book Hooked by Nir Eyal with Ryan Hoover.

On Linkedin, whenever a person visits your profile, connects with you, follows you, likes or comments on your posts, endorses you… you’re going to get a notification.

When you get that notification, chances are,  you'll   want to know who that person is… where did they come from? Why did they check our your profile? Who are they? What are they trying to do? Are they potential buyers?

These questions might drive you to visit their profile, which might result in you sending over a connect. In social selling, we call this the Look Back.

And this is exactly why Orca is so effective on Linkedin. 

  1. Orca helps you automate and sequence engagements on LInkedin that 
  2. Trigger notifications that
  3. Trigger a look back that
  4.  Help you get noticed by the people you want to reach faster. 

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