What is EasyLeadz?

EasyLeadz is a B2B sales prospecting and lead generation automation platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you scale your outbound sales prospecting and demand gen processes.

It's like having a virtual SDR that researches companies and relevant people, then contacts them automatically based the following intent signals:

  • ┬áCompanies who have recently raised funds
  • Companies who are hiring for roles complementary to your products/services
  • Companies who are launching soon or have just launched

What's the Benefit of Connecting Orca with EasyLeadz?

The EasyLeadz integration with Orca helps you to get even more precise with your targeting through advanced, intent-based lead generation features that you can easily push into your social sequences in Orca, while running email outreach in parallel, before, or after you engage them socially.

How to Connect Orca with EasyLeadz

Step 1: Log into your Orca account.

Step 2: Go to Integrations under Preferences.

Step 3: Copy your Personal or Team API Key to the clip board.

Note: using the team API key will allow you to push leads generated in EasyLeads to campaigns from any member on your team.

Step 4: Create or login to your EasyLeadz account.

Step 5: Go to Integrations from the Profile section tab.

Step 6: Paste your personal or team API key under UseOrca Integration.

Now you're ready to generate new leads and push it to Orca. Check out this article on Pushing leads from EasyLeadz to Orca.

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