Before you can start sending leads from Google sheets over to Orca through Zapier, you'll need to make sure that Zapier is connected with Orca. If you haven't done this already, check out this How-to guide on connecting Orca and Zapier.

You're connected, what's next?

Create a campaign and choose Send LinkedIn URLs with Zapier.

After publishing your social selling campaign, you'll be prompted to Set up your Orca Zap.

Create this Zap and select Google sheets from the list.

On the next step, select a trigger. There are currently two types of triggers:

  • Send leads to Orca when a new row is added our updated in Google sheets
  • Send leads to Orca when a new row is added 

In this article, I'll be sending leads when a new row is added to a sheet. 

Next select the Google account where your spreadsheet is saved. Save + Continue.

Next select the spreadsheet and worksheet you'd like to use, and Continue.

We highly recommend testing to ensure you've set up the triggers properly. Fetch and Continue.

Make sure you have at least one recent spreadsheet row created.

Once the test is successful, you're ready to move on to the next step: connecting Orca with Zapier. Choose Orca from the list.

Then select the action you want Orca to take. Save + Continue.

If you haven't connected your account yet, grab your personal or team API key under Preferences > Integrations. Copy and paste the token below:

Once connected, select the account in Orca you'd like to use to engage leads.

You can add additional accounts by clicking on  Connect an Account. 

Once you've selected an account, the next step is to select the campaign you'd like to push leads into. If you haven't created a Zapier campaign yet, do this first before moving on.

Select the campaign from the drop-down menu and set the column where Orca can find Linkedin URLs. Continue.

On the next screen, test the Zap by clicking on Send Test to Orca. If the test was successful, turn the zap on and starting adding rows of leads to your Google sheet.

Once new leads are added to Google sheets, Zapier will push leads to Orca. Once leads have been sent to Orca, leads will be in pending verification status. Once Orca has verified the Linkedin profile URLs, the leads will be approved and passed into the sequence. 

Make sure your Linkedin is connected, otherwise Orca will be unable to verify leads. Desktop app needs to be on and running for the campaign to work.

View  integration on Zapier:

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