Building a social sequence in Orca is easy with our drag and drop interface. 

There are currently three types of Linkedin engagements or touches: profile visits, connect request, and the follow-up message after a connect as been accepted

You can also set delays between steps in days, hours, or minutes. 

To customize your message, you can Insert first and last name snippets into the message body.

To send a follow-up message once a connect request is accepted, toggle on Auto follow-up with message once connected and insert the message you'd like to send.

If you'd like to proceed to next step only if a lead accepts your request, toggle on the option.

Keep it simple!

Social selling is not the same as email prospecting. We see a lot newcomers trying to apply cold emailing tactics to Linkedin. That is a big no-no. 

We recommend a 3-4 touch sequence, starting with a profile visit, waiting a day or two, then sending a connect request,  then following up with one two profile visits with 3-7 day delays between.

Keep your messages short, sweet and simple. Remember social selling is about relationship building, don't turn off leads by pitching your product or service right off the bat or writing super long messages. 

The Nine-word follow-up message

A good methodology, which will go into later in another article is the 9-word follow-up message, which is basically a message that doesn't have anything on it except the nine-word (or less) question that you've designed to engage your lead. Examples:

  • Would you be interested in taking your sales process beyond just cold emails?
  • Are you using Linkedin automation as part of your sales process?

The focus of the nine-word message is to get your lead to engage you in dialogue. You're not trying to get them on a discovery call or get them to sign up for a webinar. The only thing you're trying to do here is get them to respond back.

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