There are currently four different types of campaigns:

  • Search on Linkedin
  • Upload a CSV of Linkedin profile urls
  • Send Linkedin urls by Zapier
  • Send Linkedin urls from Growlabs

Search on Linkedin. If you do not have a list of leads, this campaign will help generate leads from a basic search on Linkedin. Once leads are found, you'll have the an opportunity to screen and approve which leads are passed into the sequence. You can filter your search by:

  • connection degree
  • locations
  • industries
  • current companies
  • past companies
  • profile languages, and
  • schools

This is a basic search and does not include important filters like   company size,  funding, or   technographics.

 Upload a CSV of Linkedin profile urls. If you already have a list of leads along with their Linkedin urls, you can easily upload the profiles into a campaign through the CSV uploader. Once a uploaded, Orca will verify the urls to ensure they are valid. Once validated, leads will move from pending status to approved. Approved leads are automatically passed into your sequence.

Ensure that your desktop app is running and that you're Linkedin credentials are valid, otherwise Orca will be unable to verify the urls. The approval process can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes to start working through the list. So sit back, grab a beer, your leads will be approved shortly.

 Send Linkedin urls by Zapier. We love Zapier. We're building direct integrations with as many tools as possible, but in the meantime, you can use our Zapier integration to pass leads from Hubspot, Salesforce, Google sheets, and any other app in the Zapier marketplace over to Orca.

Currently one-way integration, working on two-integrations.

Send Linkedin urls from Growlabs. Growlabs is an amazing prospecting tool with built in lead generation and email sequences. This integration allows you to pass leads from Growlabs over to Orca, where we can automate social sequences, in parallel or before your email sequences. Use this tool if you want to get super precise in your targeting. Check out their guide on Connecting your Growlabs account with Orca and How to Create a Campaign in Orca

Growlab's audience search filters are broken out into five buckets; Most Common Filters, Company Lists, Financials, Technographics and More Contact Details.

We have more integrations on the way, so stay tuned!


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