After downloading and installing Orca, you'll be prompted to choose an account you want associated with Orca when you login for the first time. I recommend using a work email versus personal one. 

Orca is currently available to G-suite/Gmail users. Outlook and other email services coming soon. 

In this article I'll be going over how to setup an individual account. Click on an Individual account to proceed. 

On the next screen, you'll be asked to enter your LinkedIn credentials. In order for our tool to automate your engagements on Linkedin, it will need access to your account. 

We need your Linkedin credentials to perform actions on your behalf. We can guarantee that your information is safe and secured with us.

After you've entered your Linkedin credentials, you'll have the opportunity to create a team and invite members to that team, alternatively you can opt to skip this step and come back to it later when you're ready to onboard the rest of your team.

For the final step, simply enter your credit card information to begin the trial and start running campaigns. You can skip this step, but will not be able to create an campaigns until you've added your billing information.

Your card won't be charged until your  7 day trial is up. You will be charged $50/month per seat when your trial ends.

Once you've entered your billing information, click on Start Using Orca to begin your trial. 

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