Creating a social selling campaign is easy. In this guide, I'm going to show you how to set up a basic Search on Linkedin campaign where you'll be able to target and generate leads from Linkedin's search then push those leads into a social selling sequence. 

🔥Let's get started! 

To create a campaign, click on the blue Create Campaign button near the top-right corner of your dashboard.

Step 1. Choose campaign type

Since this is your first campaign in Orca, let's start off by selecting Search on Linkedin.

Step 2. Define your LinkedIn search criteria

In this step, we're going to identify and set the search criteria for target audience. 

I recommend entering a job title into the keyword search. Alternatively, you can enter a company name or keywords, like startup, finance, etc., in the search field. 

You can also use Booleans to filter your search even more. For more information on using booleans, check out the guide: here.

In this example, I'm going to search for sales development managers in San Francisco Bay Area who are 2nd or 3rd degree connections by using some simple booleans.

Make sure you preview the search results to ensure Linkedin is returning the right leads.

Step 3. Set a Sequence

Next, we'll be setting your social sequence. We currently have three types of engagements on Linkedin. 

  • Profile visits
  • Connect requests
  • Follow-up message after a connect is accepted

With our drag and drop interface, you can quickly and easily create multi-step campaigns.

I recommend starting your campaigns off with a profile visit to warm-up the lead. When you visit a lead's profile, they'll get a notification either in-app or through a push notification to their mobile phone. 

If they visit your profile back, we call this a look-back, and this is exactly the sort of thing you want to happen to get noticed sooner. 

That said, I cannot stress how important it is to treat your Linkedin profile like a landing page. Test it. Optimize it. 

Check out our guides on social selling through Linkedin by visiting our blog here to level up your Linkedin game.

Step 4. Publish the campaign

On the the summary page, name your campaign and review your audience and sequence. When everything looks good, Publish the campaign.

Boom! And there you have it... your first social selling campaign! 

What happens after I publish my campaign?

After you publish your campaign, Orca will login to your Linkedin profile from a hidden browser and source leads based on your search criteria. This process can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Once Orca has collected the leads, you'll get a notification via the desktop app indicating that you have leads ready to be approved. 

Head on over to your dashboard and select the campaign with leads waiting for approval. 

Deselect leads you DO NOT want to engage. When ready, confirm your selection by clicking on the blue Confirm button at the bottom-right. 

Once leads are confirmed, they will be pushed into the sequence. 

For premium Linkedin users, Orca can run up to 200 engagements per day and half that for basic users. 

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